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Schilderswijk Residents Tours is born out of love for the neighborhood and its residents. It offers unique ‘Behind the scenes’ tours which are offered by the residents themselves. The aim is:

  1. Deepening the understanding of this unique quarter where more as a 120 Nationalities are living peacefully together.
  2. Increase tourism, with a consequent strengthening of the local economy. Schilderswijk Residents Tours complements the existing range of tours in the neighborhood, and does not replace it. It works together with these providers, and will refer you to one of them when your needs are better reflected by them.

Unique ‘Behind the Scenes’ tours in the Schilderswijk

The tours are custom made. There are an infinite number of variations possible, including visits to institutions in the district, and specific target groups tours. Each tour is custom made, with your wishes in mind.

Example of a tour program

This is an example of a tour program to give you an impression.

We gather at the Moroccan teahouse at the Hoefkade, directly across the trainstation. Participants start with a cup of delicious Moroccan tea, while the guides introduce themselves and give an explanation of the program for the day.

We leave in the direction of the van Ostade Estate, a pituresque courtyard from the late 19th century. One resident tells about the history of the court, and how the people there live nowadays. There is the possibility to view one of the houses from the inside.

We walk towards the Hoefkade at about the spot where you had the much discussed demonstration. We hear from one of the residents how he experienced that day, and what that has done to him or her.

Afterwards we walk towards the Hobbemastreat and go to the Falcona Court (also known for the TV serie) We speak with a resident about the challenges they have with every day camps in the district in dealing with the youth etc.

We walk to the theater to Vaillant Hobbemastraat where told one of the residents tells about the importance of theater Vaillant for the district, and the recent history of the theatre.

Then we go to the Hague market where we have lunch at one of the many great eateries. We’re going to the Hague market, you will be presented in person to a number of entrepreneurs and there is the opportunity to do some shopping.

We walk together back to Dutch railway stations, where the tour ends.

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